shovin' shit

Hear us play limits LIVE at the beachie this sat…its gunna b siiiiiicker than ‘coolfest’ 2012 ..heres a little tasty treat to tickle ur teat before bed tonight.
Ur welcome..
#sickcircuit @wil_dunlevy @john_truckasaurus

My new sounds:



Joan Rivers on Sexism in the 60s

Rest in Peace

(June 8, 1933 - September 4, 2014)

Via Title

Happy father’s day @captain_karen3
.whuuut a lady. Any part of my brother and I that u actually like, is her doing…
Even though she smears her crumbs and nutelex thru my peanut butter, I must say, shes 1 of the funniest, kindest, strongest ppl I have ever met n im proud to call her MY mATHER 💕 happy father’s/mothers day to everyone else too

Paint yer wagon

Working for an asshole…

pEckin me the tunes maaaan

Peckers enjoying the new tacocat rekkid

Total Gayness. @john_truckasaurus

songs to paint yer wagon to...

1. paint yer wagon

2. violation

3. she aint bald ( the josephine wiggs experience)

Today shes a womban …


Dear Mum.

Re : the peanut butter INCIDENT .

- Sam

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